Thursday, 18 February 2010

CBI Group Investments Launches Forclosure Assistance Program in Phoenix, AZ

CBI Group Investments, has announced the launch of a foreclosure assistance program which will run parallel to their Arizona Acquisition Fund; a real estate investment opportunity raising 12.5 million (Cdn) to purchase approximately 175 single-family homes in the Phoenix area.
"In times like these, companies must be creative to ensure that investment opportunities benefit both the investors and the community," said Jarrett Zielinski, VP Acquisitions at CBI Group Investments. "We saw the investment opportunity in Phoenix and created the Arizona Acquisition Fund. The fund created an opportunity for us to help residents of Phoenix who are facing foreclosure".
The Foreclosure Assistance Program will help individuals and families who are struggling to cope with the tightening credit market in Phoenix, Arizona. CBI Group Investments will negotiate short sales directly with banks on behalf of the homeowner. Homeowners will have the option to remain in their homes as tenants, paying a monthly rent that is significantly lower than their mortgage payment. "Nobody wins when people are forced out of their homes," said Zielinski of CBI Group Investments. "The Foreclosure Assistance Program creates a viable rental option for those struggling to pay mortgages".
During the rental period, CBI Group Investments and its affiliate property management company, Brewer Caldwell, will track monthly rent payments and, upon request, will report to the credit bureau the tenant's ability to pay a debt obligation. This will help to restore damaged credit ratings.
Participants in the Foreclosure Assistance Program will have the first opportunity to purchase their home when CBI Group Investments is in the divestment phase of the Arizona Acquisition Fund. Additionally, homeowners will have the option to participate in educational seminars about real estate investing. "We want to show foreclosure victims that wealth can be created through well selected and carefully planned real estate investments." said Zielinski.
Jarrett Zielinski is available to the media for interviews and comments about the Foreclosure Assistance Program, Arizona Acquisition Fund, or about the real estate market and investments in the Phoenix, Arizona area. To arrange an interview please contact Angela Joyce.
About CBI Group Investments
CBI Group Investments is a reputable, full service client team devoted to sharing knowledge of real estate and delivering unique, well-researched opportunities to investors. Thorough due diligence procedures coupled with an unrivaled depth of corporate personnel allows CBI Group Investments to discover groundbreaking residential, multi-family, resort, commercial developments and raw land properties to share with investors. Current investment opportunities include Arizona Acquisition Fund and the Keystone Business Park.
About Brewer Caldwell
Brewer Caldwell Property Management is Arizona's premier real estate investment and property management firm. Professional services and technical expertise has earned Brewer-Caldwell a reputation for its customer relationships and sound investment advice.

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