Thursday, 18 February 2010

CBI Group Investments Offers Undervalued Phoenix Real Estate to Canadian Investors

CBI Group Investments, the new face of Keystone Real Estate Investments, has announced the launch of a fund that will allow Canadian investors to profit from the downturn of the Phoenix, Arizona housing market. The Arizona Acquisition Fund will raise up to 12.5 million (Cdn) to purchase approximately 175 single-family homes in the Phoenix area over the next 12 months.

"Most Canadians are starting to realize that we have ideal market conditions to invest in the U.S. thanks to a strong Canadian dollar and extremely low home prices due to the sub prime mortgage crisis. The Phoenix market remains an area of interest for baby boomers, so we expect that it will produce the greatest profit when it recovers over the next five years." explains Travis Cadman, co-founder of CBI Group Investments.

The CBI Group Investments Arizona Acquisition Fund is an opportunity for Canadian investors to enhance and diversify their portfolios without the traditional hassles associated with foreign real estate investments. Institutional financing, tenant prospecting, property management and sales processes will handled by CBI Group Investments and their extensive network of industry experts residing in Phoenix area.

"By making our move now, we're able to help our investors benefit from the down curve of the market cycle in Phoenix," added Ron Cadman, co-founder of CBI Group Investments. "We will hold and rent these homes during the upswing and then sell at higher market values."

For a minimum RRSP eligible investment of $10,000 investors in the CBI Group Investments Arizona Acquisition Fund will receive a 6% annual bond interest that will be disbursed as cash flow permits as well as a share in 60% of net profits when the homes are sold.

Both Ron Cadman and Travis Cadman are available to the media for interviews and comments about the CBI Group Investments Arizona Acquisition Fund, or about the real estate market and investments in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

About CBI Group Investments (The new face of Keystone)

Industry veterans and CBI Group Investments founders Ron and Travis Cadman have been land developers and investors for over 23 years. CBI Group operates Diamond Key Homes and develops commercial, recreational and residential property in addition to offering a range of real estate investments.

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